Texas Tech University

Current Equipment

The laboratory currently has the following electron microscopes:

Zeiss Crossbeam 540 FIB-SEM

Hitachi S-4300 high resolution field emission SEM1 (Acquired through NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program. Award #0421032)

Hitachi H-8100 scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM)

Hitachi S-3400 

Hitachi S-5000 ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscope (UHRSEM)

Hitachi S-7650 TEM


Analytical Equipment for the microscopes includes:

Hitachi S-4300VP (Provided by NSF-TTU funds)

EDAX X-ray microanalysis system (EDS)

EDAX electron backscatter detector (EBSD)

Gatan cathodoluminescence (CL) spectrophotometer

EMTECH cryo-transfer system (Alto 2500)

ETP-USA backscatter detector

ETP-USA infrared chamber camera

Ancillary equipment required to produce quality samples for both TEM and SEM: microtomes, ultramicrotomes, sputter coaters, and critical point dryers. In addition, we have specialized instruments required for cryo-fixation and cryo-processing of biological or aqueous materials samples. In addition to the traditional methods of specimen preparation e.g. glutaraldehyde and osmium tetroxide, this laboratory also uses protocols for physically fixing samples by cryogenic methods including freeze plunging, freeze-spraying, slam-freezing, and propane jet freezing. Several methods of processing these ultra-rapidly frozen samples have also been developed and proven for retaining fine structural cellular detail and/or antigenic reactivity, including freeze substitution, freeze sublimation and freeze drying.

College of Arts and Sciences Microscopy