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Water Policy & Economics

Allen, V.

Water Conservation in the Texas High Plains. Charting the Course, Sponsored by River Systems Institute, Texas State University, San Marcos. November 16-17, 2006, Austin, TX. November 17, 2006.

Dr. David Doerfert

summarizes activities and progress of the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation progress at the Cotton Economics Research Institute symposium, April 5, 2006

Dr. Jeff Johnson

presents effects of Ogallala Aquifer policy alternatives at the Cotton Economics Research Institute symposium, April 5, 2006. This presentation was also given to the Board of Directors of the High Plains Water Conservation District (HPWD), and Texas Senator Kip Averitt, Chairman of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, on April 6, 2006 at the request of the HPWD.

Ethridge, D.E.

Presentation on “Ogallala Aquifer: Sustainability Issue and Challenges” at Texas Commission on Environmental Quality 2007 Environmental Trade Fair and Conference session on Water Policy, May 1, 2007. Link to the attached PowerPoint presentation <link>

Farmer, Michael

Johnson, P.

Rejesus, R. M., M. Velandia, E. Segarra, and K. Bronson

“Economics of Management Zone Delineation in Cotton Precision Agriculture.” Cotton Economics Research institute Research Extension Symposium, Apr. 5, 2006.

Segarra, E.