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Anderson, J.T., and L.M.Smith

2003. “ Influence of hydrology on mass, protein, and cellulose levels of decomposing pink smartweed in playas.” Society of Wetland Scientists. New Orleans, LA.

Atkinson, E. A. and E. B. Fish

1999. “An application of geospatial technologies to increase carrying capacity with improved water distribution.” Poster presented to the Society for Range Management Annual Meeting. Omaha, Nebraska.

Bhattacharjee, J., L.M. Smith, and J.T. Taylor

Chilton, E. and T.L. Arsuffi

2006 “Integrated management of aquatic invasive plants to improve flow and water quality in the Rio Grande, Texas.” Special Symposium. Bridging benthic science and policy in the global area – Watershed science in surface drinking water supplies. Annual Meeting. North American Benthological Society. Anchorage, Alaska.

Dennis, K. M. and T.L. Arsuffi

2002 “Detritus processing and ecological structure of constructed wetponds with contrasting age and watershed characteristics.” Annual Meeting. Texas Academy of Science. Laredo, Texas

Ethridge, D.E.

"An Economic Evaluation of Mesquite Control." Presented at the Ninth Annual Range Brush and Weed Control Conference, Roswell, NM, January 19-20, 1982. Sponsored by New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service and Society for Range Management.

Ethridge, D.E. and T.J. Neal.

"Economic Evaluation of Controlling Sand Shinnery Oak with Tebuthiuron." Sand Shinnery Oak Field Tour, Beasley Ranches, Plans, Texas, May 26, 1983. Sponsored by Tex. Society for Range Mgmt., Texas Tech Univ., Tex. Ag. Extension Service, and Elanco Co.

Litow, P., Hildebrand, P., & Baker, M.

2001 “Swidden agriculture in a forest society: Livelihood strategies in the Maya Biosphere Reserve community of Uaxactún, Petén, Guatemala.” Paper presented at the 17th Annual Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education Conference, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Ortega-Ochoa C. and C. Villalobos

2005 “Effect of irrigation level on forage productivity and livestock performance of old world bluestem WW-B.Dahl pasture under summer grazing.” Society for Range Manage. 58 th. Annual Meeting Fort Worth, Texas.

Ortega-Ochoa, Carlos, Carlos Villalobos, Michael C. Farmer

Water Reduction Using WW-B.Dahl Pastures to Produce Beef: Potential to Relieve Auifer Irrigation and Stustain More Intensive Agriculture For Diverse Western Rangelyand Conditions presented at the 2006 Universities Council on Water Resources Annual Conference in Santa Fe, NM <link>

Quillin, J. P., R. E Zartman, and E. B. Fish

2004 “Spatial distribution of playas on the Texas High Plains.” Paper presented at 2004 High Plains Groundwater Resources: Challenges and Opportunities Conference. Lubbock, Texas.

Singh, M., I Bryceson and T L Arsuffi

2005 “Land use and water quality changes of the Nakkhu Khola River, Kathmandu, Nepal.” Joint Annual Meetings. North American Benthological Society and American Geophysical Union. New Orleans, LA.

Smith, L.M.

Sosebee, R. E. and E. B. Fish.

Winters, J.M., M.S. Howard and T.L. Arsuffi

2005. “The San Marcos River Habitat Conservation Plan: Using HCP's as a tool for ecological restoration.” Joint Annual Meetings. North American Benthological Society and American Geophysical Union. New Orleans, LA.

Zartman, R. E, J. P. Quillin, and E. B. Fish

2004. “Spatial features of playas on the Texas High Plains.” Paper presented at Texas Water Monitoring Congress. Austin, Texas.