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Greek Leadership

    The purpose of Greek Leadership is to further the education of sophomore and junior members about the Greek Community and to provide training for future leadership roles within each fraternity and sorority and in the Greek Community.

  1. To develop an understanding of the history, structure and function of Greek Letter Organizations and of the four major umbrella organizations.
  2. To better understand fraternal values and their application
  3. To gain a broader understanding of one's own style of leadership.
  4. To understand and articulate the ethical responsibilities of leadership.
  5. To gain a basic understanding of the nature of conflict and mediation.
  6. To initiate the discussion on the future of Greek Letter Organizations and the benefits of membership after college.
  7. To use critical thinking skills.
  8. To improve the Greek community at Texas Tech University.


GPA 2.5 or better;

Open to all fraternity and sorority members of the Texas Tech Greek Community and;

Applicants must have completed one full semester of membership in his/her fraternity or sorority, but should not have completed more than three semesters of membership.



Greek Leadership FAQ's

  1. Is my fraternity/sorority required to participate in Greek Leadership? No, this is an opportunity available to members in the Texas Tech fraternity/sorority community to enhance and improve his/her leadership skills and the fraternity/sorority.
  1. Will any fines be assessed for non-participation or absences? No, fines will never be assessed to individuals or fraternities and sororities for non-participation or absence from Greek Leadership.
  1. Are there any costs related to Greek Leadership? No, there are no costs associated with participation in Greek Leadership.
  1. Are any books or other materials required? No, all materials will be provided.
  1. Why should I want to participate? Greek Leadership is an opportunity for you to enhance and improve his/her leadership skills and the fraternity/sorority. If you want to be a leader in the Greek Community, your fraternity/sorority, or your local community this program will be beneficial and is an added benefit to your membership in the Texas Tech Greek Life Community.
  1. I am cannot attend the Special Events, am I still eligible to participate in Greek Leadership? Yes, you are still eligible to participate in Greek Leadership.
  1. Is there a limit on the number of individuals from my fraternity/sorority that may participate? Depending on the number of applications received, we may need to limit the number of individuals who participate from each fraternity or sorority. Answers in application will determine who is selected.
  1. Other questions? Contact the Center for Campus LIfe (806) 742-5433.