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Renter Rights

    Issues to Consider


  • In order to establish your rights against a landlord you must be current with your rent.

  • Once you sign the lease you are bound by the terms of the lease.  The lease becomes a legally binding contract that is difficult to get out of.

  • All leases are negotiable.  You can negotiate the term of the lease, move in date, the rent, the move out notice and any other term in the lease.

  • Do not give in to a high pressure rental agent.  Take the proposed lease and review it before signing anything.

  • Always fill out the inventory sheet provided by your landlord and return it promptly.  Take pictures the problems you list on the inventory sheet and any other areas you think will be a problem later.

Student Legal Services is happy to guide you through the process of obtaining off-campus housing.  This office will review lease with you to analyze its terms and what they mean to you.  This office also assists students who already live off-campus and are having a difficult time with their landlord. 

Please call 742-3289 to set up an appointment or visit our website at