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High School vs. Texas Tech: Welcome to the Big Leagues!

Texas Tech University provides you with a much different educational experience than your high school. Texas Tech is an outstanding institution that will challenge you to grow as an individual. Here are some of the differences between your high school and Texas Tech that you can expect to experience.

High School
Texas Tech
Class Size averages 30 students Classes range in size from 10-400 students
Teachers constantly remind you of homework and tests Professors provide you with a syllabus on the first day of class.  It is your responsibility to keep up
Live with immediate family at home Live with almost 500 other Red Raiders in residence halls
Small campus with a few buildings 157 buildings spread out over 1,839 acres
Sports teams play cross-town rivals Big 12 Sports with teams from 5 states
You live in your hometown Welcome to Lubbock, Texas!
High school had a few student organizations Over 400 different student organizations to join…you can create your own, too
Others helped you make decisions You are responsible for your own decisions
Structured school and extracurricular schedule You decide on what you do and when you do it
Know a majority of your classmates One of over 28,000 Red Raiders
Friday Night Football Saturday Game Day



Swing the Odds in your favor
Swing the Odds in your favor

People and offices across campus are able to assist, but remember that it is YOUR responsibility to search out help and guidance throughout your career as a Red Raider.

The following offices and departments provide FREE tutoring and supplemental instruction for all students. Take advantage of these opportunities to improve your academic performance.

P.A.S.S. Center

General tutoring and supplemental instruction.

Missouri Club

Assistance in Math.

Writing Center

Writing assignments for all studies.

Techniques Center

Fee based program for students with learning disabilities.