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Successful Student

Sucessful Students

Get in the Game

Texas Tech University classes will challenge you and hold you to a high standard of academics. Professors will push you to explore new ideas and to create new knowledge.

Texas Tech University prides itself on being a major comprehensive research university that retains the sense of a smaller liberal arts institution. Although enrollment is over 28,000, Texas Tech students boast of one-on-one interaction with top faculty and an environment that stresses student accomplishment above all else. We're large enough to provide the best in facilities and academics, but small enough to focus on YOU.

Improve Your Game | 20 Things Every Red Raider Should Do

Get the most our of your Red Raider experience:

  1. Go To Class
  2. Read The Daily Toreador
  3. Participate in Intramural Sports
  4. Donate to Tech Can Share Drive
  5. Rent a Bike from Outdoor Pursuits Center and explore campus
  6. Get to know your professor's by visiting them during office hours
  7. Support fellow Red Raiders by going to Red Raider sporting events - they are free and fun!
  8. Take advantage of free tutoring at the P.A.S.S. Center
  9. Wear red every Friday
  10. Wait in line outside the United Spirit Arena to support the Texas Tech basketball teams
  11. Help beautify the campus by participating in Arbor Day
  12. Join a student organization - there are over 400 for you to choose from
  13. Attend Convocation – your official welcome to Texas Tech University
  14. Go climb the Rec Center 53’ Rock Wall
  15. Learn the words to the Fight Song and Matador Song
  16. Read the Summer Reading Program book and discuss its themes with classmates
  17. Enroll in IS-1100
  18. Celebrate the holiday season at Carol of Lights – one of Tech’s greatest traditions
  19. Cheer as the Masked Rider sprints down the field before a Texas Tech football game
  20. Get Your Guns Up!

Plan for Success

GPA Calculator

Curious about what your semester and cumulative GPA will look like.  Fill out this chart to calculate your GPA.

Texas Tech Majors

At Texas Tech, you can study over 150 majors from 10 different colleges.

Academic Calendar


Follow the FYRE game plan and winning will be a sure thing!

A First Year Red Raider:

  • Is successful academically
  • Is involved in developmental activities
  • Has a sense of self and of others
  • Takes accountability for his or her actions
  • Has selected a major
  • Has pride in the campus community and understands his or her role within that community
  • Completes their first year and remains at the university for a second year
Academic Support Services

Learning Communities and Freshmen Interest Groups

Learning Communities and Freshmen Interest Groups provide you the opportunity to live and learn with other Red Raiders that are in similar academic programs as you.

Physical and Mental Health

Texas Tech is committed to offering students opportunities to maintain healthy bodies and minds. 

Take advantage of:

to stay healthy throughout your career at Texas Tech University. 

First-Generation College Students

Your parents didn't graduate from a four-year college, and that means that you're the first in your family to really learn about college through the experience of being here.

PEGASUS helps you explore with purpose and succeed with panache. Pegasus is the mythological horse that can fly. You are the one in your family who will go beyond what you've dreamed. You are now cleared for takeoff