Pom Squad Video Audition Information

In order to audition via video, the candidate must contact our coach at erin.harold@ttu.edu for more information. Video auditions must be in our hands by no later than Friday, May 2nd. All potential candidates must have the online forms filled out by no later than May 2nd.

Physical Address - Video Submissions (UPS and FedEx)
Texas Tech Pom Squad
Center for Campus Life
201 Student Union, Box 45014
15th St & Akron
Lubbock, TX 79409

Video Audition Requirements

  • Completed Audition Application
  • Must have met with Coach Harold & Spirit Program Staff
  • Must be extended an inviation to audition via video.
  • Freshmen/Transfer Students - Accepted to TTU for Fall 2014.
  • Current TTU students:
    • Enrolled full time (Undergraduate: 12 hours, Graduate: 9 hours)
    • Cumulative & Current GPA of 2.0 or above
  • Current Health Insurance (a copy of insurance card must be sent in with application)
  • Pay Application Fee ($50 - nonrefundable)
    • Mail in prior to Auditions with DVD.
  • One Personal Letter stating why you want to be a part of the Texas Tech Pom Squad & what you feel you bring to our team.
  • DVD Format
  • Video on safe dancing surface
  • Little to no distractions in background or around you during tryout process.
  • Clear view of you throughout entire video
  • Does not have to be professionally made. Clean, steady, good sound/video quality.

Video Audition Attire

Female Candidates Male Candidates
Black Spandex Shorts Solid Black Shorts/Dance Pants
Solid Black Sports Bra
(small logos are acceptable, no embellishments)
Plain, Fitted Black T-Shirt
(graphics to the minimum)
No Embellishments on top/bottoms Clean Shaven, Hair fixed
Hair All Down and Fixed
(UPDATE: bangs do not need to be pulled back)
Dance Shoes
(can't be bare foot, shoe color doesn't matter)
Full Performance Make-Up No Jewelry
Dance Shoes
(can't be bare foot, shoe color doesn't matter)
Nail Polish should be clear, French or American manicured  
No Jewelry, except for rhinestone earrings  

Video Audition Elements

Audition Routine
  • Approximately 6 eight-counts of jazz & 6 eight-counts of hip hop
  • A variety of skills will be included in the combination in order to review your technique, skill level, and ability to perform the skills within a routine setting.
  • Taught via private YouTube link. Will be mailed out one week prior to auditions. Reviewed at open gym practice.
Spirit & Motion Technique
  • Looking for sharp motions and ability to lead the crowd.
  • Fight Song & Sideline Chant (taught via YouTube Link)
Individual Technique
  • Each candidate will be asked to execute a variety of turns, leaps, jumps, and extensions.
  • You will be evaluated on skill level, technical execution, and performance.
45 Second Solo
  • Solo can be any genre of dance.
  • This should highlight any skills that the candidate has not gotten the chance to perform during the audition.
  • Should include a combination of appropriate dance movement & technical skills.
Individual Interview
  • Introduction of Candidate: Name, Age, Hometown
  • Dance Background
  • Why do you want to be a member of the Texas Tech Pom Squad?
  • If selected, what characteristics, traits, dance strengths, etc. do you feel that you would bring to the squad?
  • If your current coach or dance teacher was sitting with you today, what types of things would they say about you? As a leader, as a team member, as a student, as a dancer?

Video Audition format

Individual Interview
  • Please speak about each of the bullets listed in the Video Audition Elements section for “Individual Interview” Make sure we can hear & see you throughout this portion of the video.
Texas Tech Fight Song (1 time through)
  • Each candidate will be scored on pom technique, performance, and projection. (Learned prior to auditions)
Texas Tech Cheer/Chant (3 times through)
  • Each candidate will be scored on pom technique, performance, and projection. (Learned prior to auditions)
Jazz & Hip Hop Combination (1 time through)
  • Each candidate will be scored on technique, performance, and memory. (Learned prior to auditions)
Individual Technique (Show each skill, executed once)
  • Triple Pirouette: Parallel passé & must be to the right.
  • Triple Coupe Turn: Turned out & must be to the right.
  • A la seconde Turns: Minimum 2 eight-count turn combination of your choice & must be to the right.
  • Leg Turn: Can be front, side, or back & on either side
  • Center Leap: You may prep however you’d like. This can be on either side.
  • Calypsos: You will need to prep with at least one chaines turn before this leap. This must be to the right.
  • Switch Variation: May choose any type of switch leap & can be performed on either side. (Ex. Switch-Tilt, Switch-Reverse-Jete, Switch-Leap, Switch-Center, Etc.)
  • Leg Extension: Should show optimal flexibility. Can be performed on either leg. (Ex. Penche, Tilt Extension, Side Extension, Back Extension, etc.)
  • Hip Hop Skill: Must show strength, control, and/or flexibility. Scored on execution & degree of difficulty. (i.e. forward roll, backward roll, headstand, kip up, headspring, freeze, stall, etc.)
45 Second Solo
  • We would like to see a 45 second solo in any genre of dance. You should show any additional technical skills that you have not shown in the video. We would like you to incorporate appropriate dance movement to connect the skills.

Video Audition Reminders

  • Wear the same attire as if you were auditioning in-person.
  • Do your hair and make-up as if you were auditioning in-person.
  • Please do not edit the fight song, chant, or dance section. It should be a continuous filming. (You can have as many attempts, just only show us one continuous filming)
  • The technique portion does not have to be a continuous filming.
  • Make sure the angles and lighting show us the best view of you, your performance, and the execution of skills.
  • You are allowed, but not required to overlay music to the technique portion of the video.
  • All Videos must be received by Friday, May 2, 2014.

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2014 Auditions

  • Friday, May 2
    6:00-9:00 PM
    Open Gym Practice
    United Spirit Arena
  • Saturday, May 3
    Preliminary Auditions
    Check in at 12:00 noon
    United Spirit Arena
  • Sunday, May 4
    Final Auditions
    Finalist Only
    Check in at 8:00 AM
    United Spirit Arena

Audition Application

Frequently Asked Questions

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Erin Harold
Pom Squad Coach
P 806.742.5433

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Pom Squad Program Benefits

  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Uniform & Accessories Paid
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Meal Plan
  • Athletic Trainer & Team Doctor
  • Cheer for a Big 12 Conference School
  • Tanning & Skin Care Services
  • National Competition
  • Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Supportive Alumni