Spirit Coordinating Committee


The Spirit Coordinating Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Managing Director of the Center for Campus Life for matters affecting spirit squads, spirit activities, and traditions. The committee shall be responsible for making recommendations to the Managing Director of the Center for Campus Life through the Assistant Director of Spirit & Traditions within the Center for Campus Life regarding programs, services, advisement, policies, and/or procedures that impact the engagement and connection of students and the University community to Texas Tech University history, spirit and traditions, specifically working with the Cheerleaders, Pom Squad, Masked Rider, Raider Red, High Rider, and Saddle Tramps.

Operating Procedures:

The Spirit Coordinating Committee will develop operating procedures subject to the approval of the Managing Director of the Center for Campus Life. Copies of all minutes and reports will be provided to all committee members, the Managing Director of Center for Campus Life, and the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & Student Affairs. The Managing Director for Center for Campus Life, in conjuction with the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & Student Affairs, will reveiw and approve committee recommendations. Subcommittees, as appropriate, can be utilized to assist the committee.

The Assistant Director ofSpirit & Traditions within the Center for Campus Life serves as a non-voting, resource person for the committee and assists in coordination of meetings, soliciting agenda items, establishing an agenda, and coordinating minutes from each meeting.


The Managing Director of Center for Campus Life will appoint members each June. Members may serve multiple terms.


A committee chairperson is appointed by the Managing Director ofCenter for Campus Life every two years. Chairpersons can serve multiple terms.

Name Department Representing
Chris Snead (chair) Alumni Assocation, Saddle Tramps Advisor
Stephanie Rhode Spirit Program Director (non-voting, resource person)
Alicia Knight Alumni Spirit Squad Member & Insitutional Advancement
Paige Holland Athletic Department Representative
Elvis Moya Athletic Department Representative
Bruce Bills Cheer Coach
Brooklyn Barber All-Girl Cheer Representative
Bradley Schaefer Co-Ed Cheer Representative
Bridgette VanWeezel Co-Ed Cheer Representative
TBA Goin' Band from Raiderland, Student Representative
Duane Hill Director, Goin' Band from Raiderland
TBA Greek Life Representative
Melissa Tees High Riders
Becky Kilgore High Riders, Advisor
Leslie Cranford Marketing & Communications
Stacy Moncibaiz Masked Rider Program Reprsentative
Kelsey Buckner Pom Squad Member
Erin Harold Pom Squad Coach
Zach Bohls Raider Red Program Representative
Ryan McCabe Saddle Tramps
Alex Alston Student Government Association
Alyssa Singleton Tech Activities Board
Brandon Taylor Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions/Visitor's Center

201 Student Union | Box 45014
Lubbock, TX 79409

P 806.742.5433 | F 806.742.0138
Email: spirit@ttu.edu