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We are honored to have current and former Texas Tech Cheerleaders represent our university and country on the world cheerleading stage with their selection and participation in the US National Team by the USA Federation for Sport Cheering (USA Cheer).

Members of the US National Team compete for the United States at the International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championship each April.

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3. Be sure to select one of our Red Raiders on the squad:
Sabrina Garcia, Torrey Ollison, Paige Sohovich, Matthew Torres

Meet the 2019 US National Team


Cheerleader's Name Team Year(s) & Placement
Jasmine Arnold All-Girl US National Team 2011; Gold Medalist
Logan Lefler CoEd US National Team 2009-2011; Gold Medalist
Kymber Drake CoEd US National Team 2014; Gold Medalist
Tanner Lyday CoEd US National Team 2014, 2016; Gold Medalist
2015; Silver Medalist
Hunter Thompson CoEd US National Team 2016-2017; Gold Medalist
Sabrina Garcia CoEd US National Team 2018; Gold Medalist
TJ Ollison CoEd US National Team 2018; Gold Medalist
Austin Zimmerman CoEd US National Team 2018; Gold Medalist
Matthew Torres CoEd US National Team 2018; Gold Medalist
Paige Sohovich CoEd US National Team 2019



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