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Frequently Asked Question

What’s the assignment?

  • All first-year students are expected to have read the Summer Reading Program Book before arriving on the Texas Tech campus in the fall. There is no written assignment, although you may want to use the provided reading resources (located within the Reading Resources link) to provoke your thinking about the book.

How will I use this book? Many ways, here are just a few examples

  • You will likely be involved in a discussion about the book in your residence hall. And you will also have an opportunity to join a book discussion during the Raider Welcome activities.
  • There will be many opportunities for you to attend theme-related events on campus.
  • And you may find the book assigned in one of your courses designed for first-year students.

How do I obtain a copy of the book?

  • Each new student will receive a copy of this book at Red Raider Orientation.

Why have a Summer Reading Program?

  • Welcome to college life!  At TTU, students are expected to accomplish learning in their own time, independently, outside of the classroom.  You will regularly be asked to navigate texts and to interpret and apply what you have read.  This is an introduction to what will become routine.  Reading the Summer Reading Program Book will prepare you to take part in a variety of activities across campus where you can meet and learn with other students.  This "Summer Reading" assignment gives each new student something in common with every other new student.

Is the Summer Reading Program required?

  • Participating in the Summer Reading Program is highly recommended and will help you get ready for the college curriculum that awaits you at Texas Tech University.