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Sophomore Slump


What is the sophomore slump?

Lemons and Richmond (1987) define sophomore slump as a "period of developmental confusion" and hypothesize that "sophomore slump results from student's struggles with achieving competence, desiring autonomy, establishing identity, and developing purpose."

Am I experiencing the sophomore slump?

The sophomore slump is a time of uncertainty and a time for growth. How will you know if you are experiencing symptoms of the sophomore slump? Answer the following questionnaire to find out.

Do you find yourself wondering...?

If you find yourself answering yes to three or more of these questions since arriving at Texas Tech University, you could be suffering from the Sophomore Slump.

How do I beat sophomore slump?

If you think you might be experiencing the "slump", there are many things you can do to cope.

  1. Take care of your physical well-being by:
    • Eating regularly and get enough sleep
    • Get involved in intramural sports
    • Take a group exercise class at the student recreation center
  2. Meet with your academic advisor
    • Explore classes that look fascinating
    • Take a class for fun or self-expression
    • Make a personal connection with a faculty member
    • Look into and utilize the available academic support services
  3. Become involved in extracurricular activities
    • Contact the Center for Campus Life Volunteer opportunities
    • Visit the Student Union & Activities Office for information on student organizations
    • Participate in fun and free events sponsored by the Tech Activities Board (TAB)
    • Become involved in your college or major organizations
    • Explore Greek Life Opportunites
  4. Visit the Student Counseling Center, located in the Student Wellness Center, 742-3674
    • Realize that the sophomore slump is normal
    • Identify if your schedule is too demanding or if you are overcommitted
    • Identify underlying stressors
    • Learn means to assert your evolving identity
  5. Visit the Career Center, located in the Wiggins Complex, 742-2210
    • Take the strong interest inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to find what types of careers or majors would be best for you
    • Explore possible majors and learn about the careers associated with them
    • Learn about internship opportunities