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Women's Leadership

The Women's Leadership program was founded in 2002 by a group of women on our campus who believed a program was needed that would offer female students leadership opportunities. After much research, they found that more leadership opportunities are available for men and that too often leadership is emphasized through success in the corporate world. However, many women find themselves in multiple roles including mothers, students, workers, etc., and find themselves functioning as leaders in many different ways in different areas.

The Women's Leadership Program is designed to introduce and support you through various explorations of your own potential for effective leadership. The program will introduce you to various speakers who focus on skills based leadership such as public speaking, organization, etc., as well as offer you the opportunity to meet women leaders and get involved on our campus. We also strongly encourage you to examine your leadership by participating and/or attending other events on our campus.

Your family leader is available for recommendations on what you would like to see for your own personal development. Please provide her with any requests, complaints, or ideas. You may also speak with Jobi and Esther on your involvement with Women's Leadership Program.