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M.Env.E. 5 year Program - Curriculum & Flow Chart

The Environmental Engineering Profession

Environmental engineering is focused on the prevention and remediation of air, water, and soil contamination problems to reduce the risks to human health, water resources, and ecosystems. Environmental engineering is a discipline that evolved from civil engineering and includes aspects of the sciences (biology, chemistry, and geosciences).Professional opportunities exist in consulting engineering firms, industries with significant environmental compliance challenges, and in governmental regulatory agencies. Environmental engineers apply physical, chemical, and biological processes in systems that remove and/or destroy pollutants in water, air, and soils and that reduce nonhazardous solid waste volumes. Specific assignments include provision for safe drinking water, treatment and disposal of municipal wastewaters, treatment and management of storm runoff, management of solid and hazardous wastes, and cleaning sites contaminated by hazardous materials.

154−hour Combined Bachelor of Science & Master of Environmental Engineering Curriculum Table

To download a flow chart of the curriculum for the Combined Bachelor of Science & Master of Environmental Engineering, click here.

First Year

Fall Spring
Course Hours Course Hours
MATH 1451, Calculus I 4 MATH 1452, Calculus II 4
CHEM 1307, Principles of Chemistry I 3 ENGL 1302, Advanced College Rhetoric 3
CHEM 1107, Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory 1 ENGR 1315, Introduction to Engineering 3
ENGL 1301, Essentials Of College Rhetoric 3 HIST 2300, History of U.S. (to 1877) 3
POLS 1301, American Government & Organization 3 CHEM 1308, Principles of Chemistry II 3
EGR 1207, Engineering Graphics 2 CHEM 1108, Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory 1
ENVE 1100, Environmental Engineering Seminar 1

Second Year

Fall Spring
Course Hours Course Hours
MATH 2450, Calculus III 4 POLS 2302, American Public Policy 3
PHYS 1408, Principles of Physics I 4 Environmental Science Elective ** 3
CE 2301, Statics 3 BIOL 1404, Biology II 4
CHEM 3305, Organic Chemistry I 3 CE 3305, Mechanics of Fluids 3
BIOL 1403, Biology I 4 HIST 2301, History of U.S. (since 1877) 3

Third Year

Fall Spring
Course Hours Course Hours
IE 3341, Engineering Statistics or
MATH 3342, Mathematical Statistics for Scientists & Engineers
3 MATH 3350, Higher Mathematics for Scientists & Engineers 3
CE 3309, Environmental Engineering I 3 IE 2324, Engineering Economic Analysis 3
CE 3303, Mechanics of Solids 3 CE 3372, Water Systems Design 3
CE 3354, Introduction to Hydrology 3 Elective, Creative Arts † 3
Oral Comm ˆ 3 CE 3321, Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering 3

Fourth Year

Fall Spring
Course Hours Course Hours
CE 4353, Design of Hydraulic Systems 3 ENVE 4399, Biological Municipal Wastewater Treatment 3
CE 3105, Mechanics of Fluids Laboratory 1 Elective, Mutli cultural # 3
ENVE 4107, Advanced Physical & Chemical Municipal Water Treatment Laboratory 1 ENVE 4391, Advanced Water Treatment 3
ENVE 4307, Physical & Chemical Municipal Wastewater Treatment 3 ENVE 5303, Design of Air Pollution Control Systems 3
ENVE 4385, Microbial Applications in Environmental Engineering 3 CE 5363, Groundwater Hydrology 3
ENGR 2392, Engineering Ethics & Its Impact on Society 3 ENVE 4191, Advanced Water Treatment Laboratory 1
ENVE 4185, Microbial Applications In Environmental Engineering Laboratory 1

Fifth Year

Fall Spring
Course Hours Course Hours
CE 5364, Groundwater Transport Phenomena 3 ENVE 5306, Environmental Systems Design II 3
ENVE 5305, Environmental Systems Design I 3 CE 5102 ,Environmental Engineering Graduate Seminar 1
ENVE 5315, Environmental Chemistry for Pollution Management 3 CE 5395, Solid and Hazardous Waste 3
Technical Electiveˆˆ 3 Elective, Technical (6 hrs.)ˆˆ 6


** Select environmental science elective such as GEOL 1301/1101 or ATMO 1300/1100 or others with advisor approval.
ˆ Core Curriculum A.
† Core Curriculum F could be used to meet the multicultural requirement.
# Core Curriculum E should be used to meet multicultural requirement if F was not.
^^ Choose graduate technical electives from CE 5331, 5361, 5366, 5383; GEOG 5300; IE 5329; IE 5302, 5306, 5307; ENTX 6445 or approval from advisor.


The master of environmental engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.

Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET
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