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Jieying Hua

Jieying Hua

Academic Information

Degree Program: Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
Academic Focus: Structures

Research Interests

As a fifth-year Ph.D. student in civil engineering, I have been conducting research to understand wind-induced vibration of slender cylindrical structural members and, on this basis, develop effective and efficient mitigation strategies for the vibration. I am currently in the process of modeling the vibration using analytical-numerical methods that can predict the structural vibration response due to vortex shedding as well as facilitate an analysis of the fatigue life. This can be used to assess the risk of structure subjected to wind excitation. At the same time, I have been working on testing the effectiveness of the mitigation devices that we have developed over the course of the study. In addition to contributing to the understanding and mitigation of vortex-induced vibration, the outcome of my research can also advance the fundamental understanding of fluid-structure interaction, other example applications of the findings of the research include wind- and rain-wind induced vibration of stay cables of cable-stayed bridges and the vibration of marine risers under the excitation of ocean current.