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Jorge Ruiz de Viñaspre

Jorge Ruiz de Viñaspre

Academic Information

Degree Program: Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
Academic Focus: Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Research Interests

Hydraulic fracturing enabled oil production has increased significantly in the United States, particularly in the Permian Basin region of West Texas; and there is a growing desire by both the industry and the environmental groups to reduce the footprint of freshwater use in hydraulic fracturing operations. Hydraulic fracturing does not require high quality water and as such brackish groundwater resources and produced water from fracturing operations can potentially be used to minimize fresh water consumption. My current research focuses on modeling the reuse of produced water to identify the potential for precipitation of minerals like barium and strontium salts that cause scaling and clogging of fractures and pipes. Elevated levels of sulfate are also a concern in brackish groundwater resources in the Permian Basin region.