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Roger Bonnecaze

Roger Bonnecaze
Position: Professor of Chemical Engineering Department
Organization: University of Texas at Austin
Email: bonnecaze@che.utexas.edu
Link: http://sites.utexas.edu/bonnecazegroup/
LinkedIn Profile: roger-bonnecaze
Years Served: Fall 2012-Present


Cornell University
B.S.Ch.E. 1985

California Institute of Technology
M.S.Ch.E. 1987
Ph.D.Ch.E 1991


Dr. Roger T. Bonnecaze earned his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the California Institute of Technology in 1991 and joined the College of Engineering faculty in 1993. Dr. Bonnecaze won a National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award in 1993, and a David and Lucile Packard Foundation Fellowship in 1994.

Bonnecaze develops computer models and predictive tools that improve product development and manufacturing processes. He researches the properties of complex fluids used in materials such as high performance ceramics and polymers. His work on lithographic process modeling improves semiconductor manufacturing, allowing for smaller and more efficient computer chips. Bonnecaze studies particulate systems that form nanomaterials for optical and electronic coatings, used in electronic devices such as interconnects and flash memory. He also researches the formation and characterization of oil reservoirs to better predict the amount of oil in a reservoir and the most efficient production techniques.