Biomaterials and Surface Bioengineering Laboratory



August, 2016, Dr. Ahrens and Dr. Li presented our work on circulating tumor cells at the Gordon Research Conference for Rare Cells in Circulation.


July, 2016, Our lab received TTU 2016 ORC Pilot & Feasibility Grant to develop an integrated biomimetic human adipose tissue microchip.


July, 2016, Visiting Student Yuting Chen joined the lab. She is a M. S. student from Prof. Jiangyu Wu’s group in the Department of Materials and Engineering at Wuhan Institute of Technology. Welcome!


June, 2016, Visiting Scholar Dan Yu joined the lab. He is an attending physician from People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou University. Welcome!


February, 2016, Our collaborative paper on "Reversibly tunable coupled and decoupled super absorbing structure" was accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters. Congratulations to Ziye!


February, 2016, Dr. Li gave an invited talk in the School of Pharmacy at TTUHSC at Amarillo. The title of the talk was “Biodegradable nano-films for capture and non-invasive release of circulating tumor cells."


December, 2015, Dr. Li’s collaboration work was published in Advanced Materials. The title of the paper is “Self-Assembled Wound Dressings Silence MMP-9 and Improve Diabetic Wound Healing In Vivo”.


December, 2015, Dr. Anil Khanal joined the lab as a postdoc research associate. Welcome!


November, 2015, Zhenya Ding successfully transferred to Chemical Engineering Ph.D. program. Congratulations!


August, 2015, Our lab received CPRIT High Impact/High Risk Research Awards to study exosome-mediated drug resistance for cancers. Dr. Jungkyu Kim from Mechanical Engineering department is the Co-PI on this 200k grant.


August, 2015, Undergraduate research assistant HyunTaek Lim joined the lab. Welcome!


July, 2015, Dr. Li’s work on circulating tumor cells (CTCs) was highlighted by MaterialsToday : “Nanofilm takes gentle approach to cell capture”.


July, 2015, Dr. Li’s work from MIT was published in Biomaterials. The title of the paper is “Biodegradable Nano-films for Capture and Non-invasive Release of Circulating Tumor Cells”.


June, 2015, Ahasanul Hasan jointed the lab as a rotating student for 10 weeks. Ahasanul is currently a Ph.D student in the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at TTUHSC. Welcome!


April, 2015, Dr. Caroline Chopko jointed the lab as a postdoctoral research associate. Caroline recently graduated from MIT and she is co-supervised by Dr. Vanapalli and Dr. Li. Welcome!


March, 2015, Nadia Sultana successfully defended her Master thesis. Congratulations!


March, 2015, Dr. Ling Tang’s collaboration paper was accepted for publishing in Lab on a Chip. The title of the paper is “Microfluidic Studies of Polymer Adsorption in Flow”. Congratulations!


March, 2015, Undergraduate research assistant Vi Cao joined the lab. Welcome!


February, 2015, Dr. Li’s collaboration work was published in Advanced Materials. The title of the paper is “Tunable Nanostructured Coating for the Capture and Selective Release of Viable Circulating Tumor Cells”.


November, 2014, Ph.D. student Ziye Dong joined the lab. Welcome!


November, 2014, Dr. Li gave an invited talk in the Electrical Engineering Department at University at Buffalo (SUNY). The title of the talk was “Surface Engineering of Polymer Materials and Microdevices for Biological Applications”.


September, 2014, Master student Zhenya Ding and undergraduate student Kabindra Sedhain joined the lab. Welcome!


August, 2014, Our collaboration work on circulating tumor cells is funded by CPRIT High Impact/High Risk Research Awards.


July, 2014, Undergraduate research assistant Neftaly Zapata joined the lab. Welcome!


May, 2014, Dr. Li’s work was published in ACS Nano. The title of the paper is “Capillary Flow Layer-by-Layer: A Microfluidic Platform for the High Throughput Assembly and Screening of Nanolayered Film Libraries”.


May, 2014, Visiting scholars Xue Zhang and Dr. Ling Tang joined the lab. Welcome!


Jan, 2014, Ph.D. students Samira Abedi and Nadia Sultana joined the lab. Welcome!


Jan, 2014, Dr. Li started at Texas Tech University


Faculty Member - Professor Wei Li



Dr. Wei Li joined the faculty as a tenuretrack assistant professor in the 2014 spring semester. Dr. Li obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in polymer chemistry and materials at the University of Toronto in 2010. His doctorial thesis focused on the development of droplet-based microfluidic systems for complex reactions and processes. During his doctorate program, he obtained extensive experience in droplet microfluidics for the synthesis of various microparticles, surface modification of microfluidic devices, cell encapsulation, multiphase reaction kinetics, and micro and nano patterning techniques. Following his graduate studies, he received a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Postdoctoral Fellowship to work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the laboratory of Dr. Paula Hammond, where he learned a variety of techniques associated with the nanolayer assembly of biofunctional materials. His work at MIT included the development of a novel microparticle platform to investigate 3D cell microenvironments, the creation of a microfluidic device for the capture and non-invasively release of rare cancer cells, and the invention of high throughput preparation and screening of nanolayered biomaterials.

Dr. Li’s research at Texas Tech will combine cutting-edge microfluidics and nanoassembly techniques to develop novel biofunctional polymer surfaces and microdevices for biological applications. He is particularly interested in 3D microenvironments for cells, interactions between cells and surfaces, bio-imaging sensors, and cancer drug screening. He is also excited to be in the classroom working with students and plans to teach courses related to materials and bioengineering, including the core engineering materials science course. Li is also interested in developing a graduate-level course focused on topics of micro and nano engineering for various biological applications.