Biomaterials and Surface Bioengineering Laboratory


Principle Investigator


Wei Li
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Texas Tech University
PO Box 43121, Lubbock, TX, 79409-3121


Phone: 806-834-2209


Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical Engineering, MIT (2013)

Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Toronto (2010)

M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto (2005)

B.S., Chemistry, Wuhan University, China (1999)




Current Members

Ziye Dong“Ziye”

Ph.D. Student


M.Eng., Chemical Engineering, Nanjing Tech University, China, 2014
B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, Nanjing Tech University, China, 2011

Research Focus:
LbL, Circulating tumor cells, Metamaterials



Zhenya Ding“Zhengya”

Ph.D. Student


B.Sc., Bioengineering, Donghua University, China, 2014

Research Focus:
Cancer detection, LbL, Hydrogels





Caroline C. Ahrens“Caroline”



Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, MIT, 2015

Research Focus:
Circulating tumor cells, Hydrogels, Exosomes





Qingye Liu“Qingye”



Ph.D., Chemistry, Wuhan University, China 2014

Research Focus:
Hydrogels, Exosomes




HyunTaek Lim“HT”

Master Student

B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech University, 2016

Research Focus:
3D cell microenvironment, Hydrogel




Cheng-Ta Cho“Cheng-Ta

Master Student

B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, Tunghai University, 2015

Research Focus:
Asphaltene solubility and microfluidics




Sharanya Ramakrishna“HT”

Master Student

B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering, Mumbai University, 2013

Research Focus:
Capillary LbL film for blood compatibility




Dan Yu“Dan”

Visiting Scholar


Attending Physician, Department of Critical care medicine Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, China

Research Focus:
LbL modification of medical implants




Yuting Chen“Yuting”

Visiting Student


M.S. in Materials and Engineering
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China

Research Focus:
Adipose tissue on a microchip, cell-cell interactions









Lab Alumni

Vi Cao, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2016

Anil Khanal, Postdoc, 2016

Ling Tang, Visiting Scholar, 2016

Nadia Sultana, Master Student, 2015

Samira Abedi, Master Student, 2015

Neftaly Zapata, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2015

Kabindra Sedhain, Undergraduate Student, 2014

Xue Zhang, Visiting Scholar, 2014