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Biomaterials and Surface Bioengineering Laboratory


Publications in Refereed Journals

  1. E. Reategui, M-H. Park, S. Castleberry, J. Z. Deng, B. Hsu, S. Mayner, A. Jensen, S. L. Stott, M. Toner, P. T. Hammond. Enzymatically Degradable Nano-Films for Capture and Non-invasive Release of Circulating Tumor Cells. (to be submitted).

    publication 1

  2. S. Castleberry,* W. Li,* D. Deng, S. Mayner, P. T. Hammond. Capillary Flow Layer-by-Layer: A Microfluidic Platform for the High Throughput Assembly and Screening of Nanolayered Film Libraries. ACS Nano, 2014, in press. (Co-first author)

    publication 2

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    publicaton 3

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    publication 13

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    publication 12

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    publication 11

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    publication 10

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    publication 9

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    publication 8

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    publication 7

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    publication 6

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    publication 5

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    publication 4

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