Energy driven Nanomaterials and Nanoengineering Lab

Welcome to Nuraje's Group in Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas Tech University.

Nuraje’s research group focuses on designing, fabricating, and studying nanostructured materials including inorganic catalytic and photo-catalytic, and zwitteronic polymeric nano-materials. Specifically, Our goal is to explore new functional materials, study physical and chemical properties of the functional materials, and understand their “bottom-up” assembly and formation into assembled films through nano-engineering, which may bring breakthroughs in both fundamental science and lead to revolutionary technologies toward solar energy conversion, environmental remediation, petroleum, and nanomedicine fields. We are committed to realizing our vision by focusing on three main thrusts: (a) fabrication of nanomaterials based on the bottom-up paradigm, including quantum dots, nanoclusters, nanowires, nanotubes and thin films; (b) self-assembly of well-defined hierarchical nano-architectures to understand and control novel properties of self-assembled nanomaterials; (c) renewable energy, enhanced oil recovery, and catalyst industries and functional applications, such as nanostructured solar cells, solar fuel, photo-catalysts, photo-electrochemical cells, catalyst, enhanced oil recovery, etc. We will investigate a theoretical and experimental understanding of the above systems using these materials.
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Nurxat Nuraje
Assistant Professor