Texas Tech University

Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction

To submit single crystal samples for data collection, complete this form, and bring it and your sample to Dr. Unruh. Crystals should be provided in their mother liquor, if at all possible, to prevent solvent loss from the crystal.  Any requests for non-standard data-collection or conditions must be discussed in advance.

NOTE:  Samples that need to be kept at low temperature, or in inert atmosphere, may be retained in your lab, but will be evaluated before data collection. 

User Training

Those wanting to collect their own data must adhere to the following procedure.

  • Complete EH&S Radiation Safety Training
  • Apply to Dr. Unruh to get added to the radiation sub-license
  • Be trained to the satisfaction of lab personnel in all necessary aspects of instrument use, including: instrument preparation, sample handling and mounting, data collection and processing. Additional training in structure solution is available, but this is generally the users' responsibility.
  • Demonstrate the ability to correctly handle the instrument for setup, data collection, processing, and returning the instrument to its ready state.

After this, users will be considered trained and capable of using the single-crystal diffractometer they have been trained on.

Booking sheets are available for trained users to book time-slots for data collection on both the Bruker APEX II and the SCX Mini. All users must book their time-slots and fill in instrument logbooks in a timely manner, otherwise they will lose access to the instruments. Trained users wanting non-standard data-collections or unusual conditions must first discuss these in advance of their booked session with Dr. Unruh.


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