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X-Ray Diffraction Service


Daniel Unruh

Senior Research Associate – X-Ray Diffraction
Chemistry Room 036 (office), 005 (X-ray lab)
Phone (Office): 806.834.5990
Phone (Lab): 806.742.4200
Fax: 806.742.1289


Daniel Unruh


Three instruments are available:

Information on access to single-crystal diffractometers
Information on access to the powder diffractometer
Information on user fees (fees as of July 1st 2014)

Instrument status and sample queue 

Single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction service:

The X-ray lab also includes an AmScope XY-PRT transmission and reflection polarizing microscope, equipped with a hot/cold stage and a digital camera

For instrument access or training contact Dr. Unruh. To have access to the lab for diffractometer use, you must have completed the online Radiation Safety Training, available through the EH&S website and have been added to the Radiation Sublicense (contact Dr. Unruh).