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X-Ray Diffraction Service


Daniel Unruh

Senior Research Associate – X-Ray Diffraction
Chemistry Room 036 (office), 005 (X-ray lab)
Phone (Office): 806.834.5990
Phone (Lab): 806.742.4200
Fax: 806.742.1289


Daniel Unruh
Ultima IIIApex IISCX Mini


Three instruments are available:

Information on access to single-crystal diffractometers
Information on access to the powder diffractometer
Information on user fees (fees as of July 1st 2014)

Instrument status and sample queue 

Single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction service:

For instrument access or training contact Dr. Unruh. To have access to the lab for diffractometer use, you must have completed the online Radiation Safety Training, available through the EH&S website and have been added to the Radiation Sublicense (contact Dr. Unruh).



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