Texas Tech University

How to Apply for Graduate Studies

A complete application consists of :

Application for Admission to the Texas Tech University Graduate School

Complete information about the Texas Tech University Graduate School and their application process can be found from this link:Application Process  An application fee of $60 for U.S. citizens/immigrant permanent residents and $60 for international students is required.

You will receive information about the departmental supplemental application with 24 hours by e-mail. You will also be given instructions about how to submit application documents.

Texas Tech University PPI Requirements

All Graduate students should download the ETS PPI as a part of the application process.

The ETS PPI web-based evaluation system offers a simple and convenient process to collect and report essential information about your personal attributes to round out your graduate school application. The ETS PPI provides reliable information on six personal attributes that professional and graduate schools have indicated are critical for academic success:

  • Knowledge and creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Planning and organization
  • Ethics and integrity

Applicants select evaluators – typically, faculty members or supervisors – to evaluate you on each of these dimensions by responding to 24 statements and providing an overall rating. Evaluators can also include optional comments. Applicants will receive an email when their evaluator has completed the PPI.

Applications will not be processed until all required materials are received.