Chemistry Computational Cluster (CCC)

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Chemistry Computational Cluster (CCC) of the TTU Department of Chemistry has 97 computing nodes: 96 computing nodes each with 48 GB of memory and an additional high-memory computing node with 144 GB of memory, one master node, one MetaData node, and 4 I/O nodes. Each computing node has two 6-core, 2.67 GHz Xeon X5650 processors and uses DDR Infiniband for communication. There is 55 TB of shared storage, and the peak performance is 25 Tflops.

The National Science Foundation awarded $525,000 in support of a proposal entitled "A Cluster for Cyber-Enabled Research and Education in Computational Chemistry" which allowed the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Texas Tech University to obtain a large parallel Chemistry Computational Cluster (CCC).

CCC provides consulting and assistance with computational software and/or hardware needs to researchers primarily in the department chemistry and biochemistry and the department of chemical engineering but also to researchers in other department of Texas Tech University and collaborator at other institutions. We also provide training in parallel computing (as used at the facility) and administration for local high performance systems as robinson. CCC serves as a liaison between various teams that are engaged in research. We work to support, configure and port applications to CCC resources.