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EDUCATION: A transcript from each school attended for undergraduate and graduate studies is required and should be sent to: Graduate Programs Office, Texas Tech University, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Lubbock, TX 79409-1061

In the meantime, a preliminary evaluation of your application can be made on the basis of the following, summary information.

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GRE SCORES: The General GRE scores are required by the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry . If you have taken these exams, please provide the results. If you have NOT taken the general GRE, please arrange to do so as soon as possible and report the scores when you get them.

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The Advanced Chemistry Examination is NOT required, but if you have taken it, you may report the results here.
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The TOEFL is required of all applicants who are residents of countries for which English is NOT an official language.
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The IELTS score may be reported in place of the TOEFL score.
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REFERENCES (List at least three persons who know your work well and give their contact information including email address. Faculty members at institutions where you have studied or are studying are preferred. If you have done or are doing graduate study elsewhere, at least one reference letter should be from that graduate department.) We will not ask these people to provide a reference for you -- you must contact them.

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