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Available Labs

Welcome to the CISER Traveling Labs page. Below is a description of each of our available labs suitable for elementary school, middle school, and high school.  Teacher training can be provided individually or in groups. We are also working with Region 17 Education Service Center to host teacher workshops. Please contact Jill White for more information about our labs.

Please input the name of the school that the lab will be delivered to.
Please input a phone number where we can reach you.
This is where the lab will be delivered.
If you would like to rent "Miscellaneous Equipment" please contact jill.white@ttu.edu
Please let us know what optional equipment you need delivered. The optional equipment for each lab is listed on the lab information page. If you do not need any optional equipment please type "none."
We recommend two weeks for all labs except the elementary labs, which only require 1 week. Please put the dates in order, 1 being you preferred time period with the lab and 3 being your last choice.
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