Arabic Faculty & Instructors

Dr. Amani Zaier: Program Coordinator and Instructor

Dr. Amani Zaier joined the department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures in Fall 2010. She received her doctorate in Educational Psychology with a concentration in cognition and self-efficacy. Her dissertation looked at the factors that predict pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs to teach culturally and linguistically diverse students. In 2006 she earned an M.A in Applied Linguistics from Texas Tech University. In 2004 she also received a DESS (M.A ) in Applied Linguistics from La Manuba University, Tunisia and a B.A in Applied Linguistics from the University of foreign Languages and Literatures of Tunis, Tunisia with a minor in psycholinguistics. Amani's current research interests focus on teacher training, teacher self-efficacy beliefs and addressing the psychological and educational needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students. As a teacher, Amani bases her instruction on the communicative approach, active participation and the integration of technology.

In the Arabic program Dr. Zaier coordinates the Arabic program and teaches the language courses and the culture and civilization course: Arab 3305 - Introduction to Arab Muslim Civilization.


Rula Maabra Al-Hmoud: Instructor

Rula teaches Arabic in the CMLL department. She received her MA from Texas Tech University in 2003. She is originally from Amman, Jordan. She teaches Arabic at the beginner and advanced levels.