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Chinese Language & Area Studies

THE CHINESE LANGUAGE (Mandarin) is the most widely spoken language in the world, having more than 1.1 billion speakers. The vast majority of Chinese-speaking people are in China (over 980 million), Hong Kong, and Taiwan (19 million). Substantial numbers are in southeast Asia, especially in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Important Chinese-speaking communities are also found in Europe, North and South America, and the Hawaiian Islands. In the United States it is the seventh most studied foreign language.

Chinese differs linguistically from most Western languages: It is monosyllabic, has little inflection, and is tonal (to indicate differences in meaning between words similar in sound, a distinctive relative pitch - high or low - or a distinctive pitch contour-level, rising, or falling is assigned).

As a written language, Chinese has around 56,000 characters known as Kanji. However only a few thousand are needed to write Modern Chinese. In mainland China a simplified writing system composed of 525 simplified characters and 54 simplified basic components of characters is used, whereas in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas regions the traditional script is used.

TTU offers Beginning (CHIN 1501, 1502) and Second Year (CHIN 2301, CHIN 2302) Chinese language courses as well as a repeatable advanced course (CHIN 4300). These courses may be applied to the Asian Studies interdisciplinary minor.

The minor in Chinese consists of 18-22 hours of Chinese Language courses: CHIN 1501, 1502, 2301, 2302, and two 4000-level courses, one of which must be taken in residence at TTU.

  • Chinese Language Courses can be used to satisfy TTU Foreign Language Requirements.
  • These courses also can prepare you for exotic and exciting study-abroad opportunities.

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Chinese instruction is coordinated and supervised by Dr. Yanlin Wang.

Interested students can also contact Stephanie Santos, CMLL Advisor.


  • CHIN 1501 Beginning Course in Chinese I
  • CHIN 1502 Beginning Course in Chinese II
  • CHIN 2301 Second Course in Chinese I
  • CHIN 2302 Second Course in Chinese II
  • CHIN 4300 Individual Problems In Chinese