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Classical Language & Literature Studies

FALL 2013 Undergraduate Courses

Clas 1310 Latin & Greek Terminology Julian Suppe (ONLINE)
Clas 3302 Classical Mythology
Clas 3303 Sports & Public Spectacles
Clas 3304 Ancient Technology
Clas 3330 World of Rome Julian Suppe (ONLINE)
Clas 3335 Classical Archaeologies
Clas 4310 Seminar in Classics (writing intensive)
Grk 1301 Beginning Course Greek I
Grk 2301 Second Course Greek I (under CMLL 2301)
Lat 1501 Beginning Course Latin I
Lat 2301 Second Course Latin I
Lat 4300 Advanced Latin (instructor permission)

FALL 2013 Graduate Level Courses

Clas 5102 Classical Cultural Pedagogy (required) Corby Kelly
Clas 5301 Greco/Roman Lit David Larmour
Clas 5311 Classical Art & Archaeologies Christopher Witmore
Grk 5340 Greek Poetry David Larmour
Lat 5360 Latin Prose Corby Kelly