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The Reading List and Classics Final Oral Exam

Toward the end of a candidate's final semester a comprehensive oral examination is administered by a committee, ordinarily consisting of three faculty members, and composed in consultation between the graduate advisor and the candidate. This exam gives the candidate an opportunity to show what she or he has achieved and lasts for approximately 75 minutes. Beginning with areas of greatest familiarity to the candidate and proceeding outward, the exam covers the courses the candidate has taken, the thesis if there is one, and the reading list of recommended primary and secondary sources. The candidate will supply the committee in advance with a list of courses taken, briefly indicating the contents of those courses. In testing the candidate over the reading list, the committee will look for evidence of an overall grasp of the main periods in Greek and Latin literature and ancient Greek and Roman history and culture. Students will receive either a HIGH PASS, PASS, or FAIL.

If a candidate has written a thesis, there will be a separate Thesis Defense, administered by the members of the Thesis Committee. This will last approximately one hour.

Checklist of Primary Sources

All of the works on the Checklist below are to be read at least in translation. Students will cover several of these texts in the original in their courses, but should undertake to read at least some of the list in the original languages, in preparation for the Language Proficiency Exam.



Recommended Secondary Sources

Greek Literature

Latin Literature

Greek History & Culture

Roman History & Culture