Hannah Friedman

Assistant Professor, Classics
Undergraduate Advisor


Hannah Friedman is an Assistant Professor of Classics at Texas Tech University. She is co-investigator of the Barqa Landscape Project, which studies the copper mining district of Faynan, site of some of the earliest industrial activities in human history. She has also conducted archaeological fieldwork in Pompeii, as well as Romania, England, Texas, and NW Arkansas. She has taught at the University of Leicester, the University of Oxford and Birbeck College, University of London. Hannah has been a GIS specialist for multiple publications, including Leptimus (LAMTA), Report No. 3. The field survey (JRA) and Maritime Archaeology and Ancient Trade in the Mediterranean (OUP). She also was a Digital Institute of Archaeology fellow at the University of Arkansas. She has published on ancient Roman slavery, agriculture, pollution, and spatial control through observation. Her current projects include work on Roman canals and Islamic farmhouses.