Christopher Witmore

Photo: Ron Jautz 2015

Associate Professor in Archaeology and Classics, Texas Tech University

PhD: Stanford University 2005
MA: University of Sheffield 1999
BA: University of North Carolina at Greensboro 1996

Chris's research focuses on things, land, and human ecology in the Mediterranean, especially southern Greece, on the Roman built environment in Northern Britain, and on archaeological memories of a POW camp in Norway. Chris is fascinated by the character and scope of archaeology and for over a decade he has explored fundamental questions concerning the discipline's objects, practices, and rapports with what has become of the past. A senior founding member of the Metamedia Laboratory at Stanford, his work with media and things has addressed a range of questions from how archaeologists manifest qualities of the material world to how we might expand our range of expression in the humanities and sciences. Recently he held the Donnelley Family Fellowship at the National Humanities Center where he worked on his current book project: Old Lands. A Chorography of the Eastern Morea, Greece.



Archaeology in the Making: Conversations through a Discipline. (Co-editor with W. Rathje and M. Shanks). London: Routledge, 448pp. 2013
Archaeology: The Discipline of Things. (Co-author with B. Olsen, M. Shanks and T. Webmoor). Berkeley: The University of California Press, 256pp. 2012



 Archaeological Orientations (co-editor with Gavin Lucas), Routledge.  from January 2011
 Journal of Contemporary Archaeology, (member, editorial board), Equinox.  from October 2012


Recent Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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 Senior Research Fellowship, Centre for Advanced Study at the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters. 2016-2017
 President's Mid-Career Faculty Award  2015-2016
 TTU Humanities Research Fellowship, the Humanities Center at Texas Tech  2015
 Donnelley Family Fellowship, The National Humanities Center  2014-2015
 Texas Tech Alumni Association New Faculty Award  2013