Christopher Witmore

Associate Professor, Classics

Christopher Witmore is Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology at Texas Tech University. Chris's current work focuses on land and human ecology in the Argolid and Corinthia, Greece, on the Roman built environment in Northern Britain, and on archaeological memories of a POW camp in Norway. A senior founding member of the Metamedia Laboratory at Stanford, his work with media and material culture has addressed a range of questions from how archaeologists manifest qualities of the material world to how we might expand our range of expression in archaeology. Chris is fascinated by the character and scope of archaeology, a discipline committed to things and what they tell us about the past. Articles dealing with these topics have appeared in Archaeological Dialogues, Current Anthropology, Visual Anthropology Review, Norwegian Archaeology Review, the Journal of Material Culture and World Archaeology. Chris is co-author of Archaeology: The Discipline of Things and co-editor of Archaeology in the Making: Conversations Through a Discipline. He also co-edits the Routledge Archaeological Orientations series with Gavin Lucas.