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Classical Language & Literature Studies

Current Grad Students

Amy Dickenson


Amy received her BA from the University of Texas at Austin with a double major in Ancient History and Classical Archaeology.  After working for a few years at the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, she returned to school and is currently in her second year of the Masters program in Classics.  She has had dig experience in Greece (Bronze Age site), the Republic of Macedonia (Hellenistic site), and England (Roman fort).  Her research interests include Greek history and archaeology (particularly the Bronze Age), pottery analysis and artifact conservation, site preservation and display, and museum studies.

Jacob Mills

Nicole Mix


Nichole Mix received her B.A. in Classical Studies with an emphasis in Latin from the University of South Carolina, where she graduate magna cum laude in 2011. Now she is a second-year Masters graduate teaching instructor in the Classics department at Texas Tech University. Her interests mainly lie in Latin literature and themes surrounding Latin poetry. She now has interests in Augustan literature, particularly Latin elegy including the works of Propertius, Ovid, Catullus, and Tibullus. Her special interests are in the ideals of gender roles within Latin poetry from these authors. This past summer of 2011, she taught Classical Mythology, and this year will be teaching Latin. She wishes to pursue a Ph.D., and focus on assimilating her Classical studies with comparative literature studies. Eventually her ultimate goal is to become an instructor at a university.

Jordan Piel

Alex Simpson


Alex is a second year graduate student. He graduated with Honors from the University of Arkansas, where he double majored in Classical Studies and English (with a focus on Creative Writing). Alex's interests include poetry (particularly Roman elegists), comparative literature, literary criticism, modern Latin instruction, and the relation of ancient literature and art to modern pop culture. He is a member of Eta Sigma Phi and Phi Mu Alpha.

Richard Supak


Richard is a second year graduate student. He received his BA in Philosophy from Texas Tech University. His main interests are in the importance of myth in the ancient world and in the influence of fringe societies on the interpretation and transformation of myth. He also enjoys spending time with his family and tinkering in the kitchen.

Nathan Wolcott



Joseph Zehner


Incoming Graduates (Spring 2013)

Edgar Garcia


Caitlin Mongrain


Cait will graduate from Texas Tech in December with a BA in Classics and will enter the Classics MA program in Spring of 2013. She has yet to determine her focus area, but is interested broadly in the reception of Classical themes in art and literature.