Texas Tech University

French Faculty

Dr. Christopher Bains

Associate Professor of French
Graduate Advisor

Dr. Christopher Bains is an Associate Professor of French at Texas Tech University. He completed his doctoral studies at the Sorbonne in French and Comparative Literature. His monograph, De l’esthétisme au modernisme, was published with Honoré Champion. He teaches various undergraduate and graduate courses including French cinema, literary theory, French civilization, nineteenth-century prose, short story, and conversation.

Office: FL 249

Dr. Carole Edwards

Associate Professor of French
Graduate Recruiter and Convener
Director, Study Abroad in Reims Program (2010 - Present)

Carole Edwards received her doctorate from Purdue University in French with an emphasis on Francophone Studies. In her recent book on West Indian Francophone dramatists, she focuses on giving a voice to women writers of the Diaspora, a marginalized group of authors living in French Caribbean, away from mainland France. Her current research interests also include Sub-Saharan writers and their interpretation of the notion of sacrifice; literary theory and the teaching of French and Francophone theater. As a teacher, she continues to abide by the learning-centered methodology. She utilizes a communicative approach in her classes, stressing interactive and student-centered instruction. She believes that “an educator should foster an environment where teaching and scholarship coexist to the benefit of students, faculty, and the community.”
At the undergraduate level, Dr. Edwards teaches French grammar; Commercial and Business French and literature survey classes.

Office: FL 263


Dr. Andrea Jonsson

Assistant Professor of French

Dr. Andrea Jonsson completed her PhD in French in 2014 at the University of Pittsburgh where she specialized in 20th and 21st-Century French literature and culture. Her work on French Slam poetry and Contemporary theatre analyzes the play between textuality and orality through the lens of Performance and Affect Studies. Her research has served as a framework for how to treat text as a performance, and how the link between affect and performance serves as a community builder in marginal populations. Dr. Jonsson teaches a wide range of undergraduate and graduate classes such as the French Short Story and Contemporary French Theatre. She integrates pop culture, humor, and slam poetry exercises into all her classes and is passionate about teaching students how to think critically and write well.

Office: FL 257A