Texas Tech University

CMLL Graduate Student Financial Support

Via assistantships and instructorships, CMLL strives to offer financial support to promising graduate students enrolled in our programs. Support is often based on the typical academic year (fall-spring), and may include summer assignments. Applications to be considered for financial support can be found on the respective graduate program pages. (Note: Enrollment in a CMLL graduate program is not an automatic guarantee of support.)

When financial support is offered, it is usually in the form of employment in one of two position types: Teaching Assistant (TA) or Graduate Part-time Instructor (GPTI).

A Teaching Assistant (TA) position is supportive in nature, both on the employment and professional development levels. Teaching Assistants typically provide support to a faculty member's instruction (completing a variety of duties), or may act as the leaders of discussion sections (which run in concert with large enrollment courses). Graduate student s receive training, guidance, and mentoring on how to teach effectively in their discipline, manage a classroom, devise materials, and other important related tasks. A TA is not eligible to be the instructor of record for a course, and commonly has less than 18 graduate hours in the subject area being taught.

A Graduate Part-time Instructor (GPTI) is usually an instructor of record, meaning that the individual is generally responsible for the teaching and care of his or her own own class(es). GPTI's also receive training, guidance and further professional development. As opportunities allow, advanced Graduate students may have the opportunity to teach upper level courses (beyond the lower-level "two-year" language sequence). Typically, GPTIs possess 18 graduate hours in the subject area being taught, or have native/1st language ability and meet several other firm criteria.

Stipend/Salary Requirements

All supported graduate students are expected to enroll full-time, and to maintain that enrollment successfully (i.e., 9 credit hours or more in long semesters, at least 3 hours or more during any summer session in which employed). There is also the expectation, unless carefully articulated in advance, that all course enrollment will be within CMLL. Dual or interdisciplinary programs, courses for a minor, the pursuit of professional certification, or similar endeavors, can be discussed with relevant advisors.

Most Teaching Assistants and Graduate Part-time Instructors work at half-time (i.e., 50%), although exceptions occasionally occur. Support as a TA or GPTI is contingent upon several factors, including one's performance in academic classes and as a teacher.

Note: An offer of employment with the department is not a "contract" with the University, or any other binding agreement.

Stipend/Salary Ranges

The initial stipend a supported graduate student can expect depends on several factors: the educational level of the person, the academic program concerned (MA/PhD), professional experience, and the type of position actually assigned (these are usually all interconnected).

The salaries indicated below are for one academic year (two long semesters, typically fall through spring), and are at 50% (meaning half-time):

Position Beginning
Monthly* Instructor
of Record?
MA TA $ 10,379.00 $ 1153.22 No**
MA GPTI $ 11,350.00 $ 1261.11 Yes
PhD GPTI $ 12,350.00 $ 1372.22 Yes
PhD—ABD GPTI $ 13,350.00 $ 1483.33 Yes

* - Gross salary
** - May lead discussion sessions under the supervision of lead instructor.

Fee & Tuition Waivers

Students who have a 50% appointment in the department are eligible for certain fee waivers. CMLL Advisors can assist individual graduate students with forecasting how such fee and tuition waivers will reduce their cost.