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Classroom Support

The Language Lab is the point of contact for any problems or assistance needed with computers, media equipment, etc. setup in the classrooms. If you have a problem during your class, please send a student down to the Lab (room 19). One of the student workers or Geazul will assist in resolving the problem. If it's something that can't be fixed immediately, the Lab will contact James Lemon (CMLL IT Specialist) and he will coordinate with Geazul and Lloyd Allred (CMLL Business Manager) to resolve the problem.

If the computer being used in the classroom (either the room's built-in system or an instructor's laptop) isn't working, the Lab will send an Astro Cart (if one is available) to be used for the remainder of the class period. Please return the Astro Cart to the lab at the end of your class.

If the projector in the classroom isn't working, the Lab will send Astro Cart 1 or 2 (if available) to be used as they have a projector on their cart. In this case, the Astro Cart can be left in the classroom and James Lemon (CMLL IT Specialist) will return the Astro Cart to the Lab once the room's projector has been repaired.