Texas Tech University

Digital Humanities Lab

The Digital Humanities Lab (DHL) offers a variety of software tools and fosters collaboration, research exploration, analysis, and application.


The DHL is available for all CMLL faculty, staff, and GPTIs. For the best opportunity to ensure that the DHL will be available when you need it, please call the LLRC at 806-742-3151 (or email us) to request a reservation. Please also feel free at anytime to also check if the DHL is available for "spur-of-the-moment" usage; if it is open, you are welcome to use it.

Semester or Long-term Access

For on-going projects or ad hoc access as your schedule allows, please contact the LLRC for access. The DHL has an electronic door lock which will allow coded access at anytime.


Hardware: Apple iMacs

Software:Audacity, Mendeley Desktop, OBS Studio, Microsoft Office, Praat, R & RStudio, Skype, Zoom

Note: other software can be installed to accommodate needs, depending on availability, cost, and licensing

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