Texas Tech University


Unique Opportunities

Often, due to the facility- and technology-based nature of many of its needs, grants and other extramural sources of funding for our unit can be challenging to come by. We treasure every opportunity to allow a donor to see their own personal vision come to fruition. The possibilities with a facility like the Language Learning Laboratory are indeed limitless.

Please contact the Language Laboratory & Research Center, the College of Arts & Sciences Development Office at 806.742.3833, or feel free to e-mail Kelly Cooper, Development Officer for the College, at any time to discuss ways to make a gift. Our common vision of propelling each student to his or her best successes will be an incredibly strong foundation from which we can work together.

Current Goals

  • The LL&RC is currently working to enhance opportunities for instructors to employ mobile technology in our classrooms, particularly with tablet devices.
  • The LL&RC would like to establish a scholarship for Applied Linguistics/Second Language Studies graduate students, or other students interested specifically in language pedagogy, to further study the application of language laboratory technologies and approaches in the modern day language curriculum. The scholarship would assist graduate students in conducting research in our facility, and for traveling to other institutions with peer or aspirational facilities.

Our Benefactors

We cannot express enough how grateful we are for the support we have received through gifts. We specially recognize our donors (in concert with their own wishes) in announcements, facility placards and other appropriate venues.

Our benefactors have provided:

  • The generous gift of equipping several classrooms in our building with modern teaching and learning technology, not the least of which was our premier classroom, Room 105.
  • The donation of hundreds of slides from around the globe, depicting details about a number of historical international locations. These will be of huge benefit as our faculty and instructors build materials for their courses.
  • The donation of many books in Italian and about Italy, which will help our students studying Italian.

Please read our Donor Bill of Rights, and please also visit the College of Arts & Sciences Development Office site, and the TTU Annual Fund site.