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Triumph of the Will (1935)  link to Triumph of the Will on IMDb  

Number: Blue 35

cover Triumph of the Will

IMDb Rating:
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7.5/10 (10800 votes)

Country: German, 114 minutes

Spoken Languages: German

Genre(s): War, Documentary, History

Director(s): Leni Riefenstahl

Cast: Adolf Hitler (as Himself - Lauded by Hess, Physical Labour Speech to RAD, Behind Us Comes Germany Speech to HJ, We Created Our State Speech, Black Shadow Speech to SA, Reviews Parade, Two Principles Speech to Party), Martin Bormann (as Himself - Sits on Hitler's Left, at HJ Rally, Enters Hall Behind Hess, Sits Behind Streicher), Walter Buch (as Himself - Views Parade of SA in Long Pants, No Banners, Views SS Parade), Walter Darré (as Himself - Health of Our Farmers Speech), Otto Dietrich (as Himself - Truth About Germany Speech)

Medium: Original DVD,

Subtitles: English

Plot Outline: A legendary propaganda/documentary of the Third Reich's 1934 Nuremberg Party Rally. Featuring a cast of thousands as well as, of course, Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, Hess, Goering and other top party officials.

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: 4:3

Apr 26, 2017