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8.0/10 (314 votes)

Also known as: Kodomo no omocha

Country: Italian, 22 minutes

Spoken Languages: Japanese, Italian

Genre(s): Drama, Comedy, Animation, Romance

Director(s): Akitarô Daichi

Cast: Laura Bailey (as Sana Kurata), Tomoko Hikita (as Babbit), Shizue Oda (as Sana Kurata), Tatsuya Nakazaki (as Akito Hayama), Chris Cason (as Babbit)

Medium: Original DVD,

Subtitles: Italian

Plot Outline: The story of super hyper child star Sana Kurata. Her mother is an award winning writer who has strange hairstyles and hats in which lives the family pet, Maro-chan the squirrel. Her manager is, as she describes him, Sana's boyfriend and pimp (though Sana doesn't know what a pimp is). At school, her class is in chaos as the boys, under the leadership of the unemotional Akito Hayama, terrorize the teacher who is unable to do anything against them as Hayama is blackmailing her. As the series goes on, Sana and Akito resolve some of their differences and we follow the unlikely pair as they deal with their own pasts along with such issues as divorce, love triangles, child abandonment, and many others. However, this series hardly goes a minute without breaking into truly hilarious verbal and slapstick comedy.

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: Unknown

Apr 26, 2017