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Amor Bandido (1978)  link to Amor Bandido on IMDb  

Number: Pink 2

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IMDb Rating:
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6.6/10 (172 votes)

Country: Portuguese, 95 minutes

Spoken Languages: Portuguese

Genre(s): Drama

Director(s): Bruno Barreto

Cast: Paulo Gracindo (as Galvão), Cristina Aché (as Sandra), Paulo Guarnieri (as Toninho), Ligia Diniz (as Solange), Flávio São Thiago (as Darcy)

Medium: VHS tape,

Subtitles: English

Plot Outline: Rio de Janeiro police investigator Galvão is pursuing two trails, one professional and one personal. While he tracts a serial killer of taxi-drivers, he also seeks his estranged daughter, Sandra, who he had thrown out of the family home when she adopted a promiscuous teenage lifestyle. Lives intersect when the serial killer, Toninho, a young man of unsavoury connections, befriends Sandra, now an exotic dancer and prostitute living and working in the seamy underside of late 1970s Rio. Theirs is an unstable relationship, built on unmet emotional need, lived in the shadow of her father's pursuit.

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: 1.66:1

Apr 26, 2017