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IMDb Rating:
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7.2/10 (3241 votes)

Country: Russian, 130 minutes

Spoken Languages: Russian

Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Musical

Director(s): Valeriy Todorovskiy

Cast: Anton Shagin (as Mels), Oksana Akinshina (as Polza), Eugenia Khirivskaya (as Katya), Maksim Matveyev (as Fred), Ekaterina Vilkova (as Betsi)

Medium: Original DVD,

Subtitles: English

Plot Outline: While the Cold War heats up on the world stage, rebellious youth in 1955 Moscow wage a cultural battle against dismal Soviet conformity, donning brightly colored black-market clothing, adopting American nicknames and reveling in forbidden jazz. Straight-laced 20-year-old Communist Mels finds these brazen 'hipsters' shocking until he falls under the spell of one, namely Polly, and joins the new revolution. Soon he's a peacock, cavorting in the latest flashy fashions, sporting an enormous pompadour and wailing on the saxophone.

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1

Apr 26, 2017