Texas Tech University

Links to Practice Foreign Languages

Current Languages Offered:


      • Chinese Online: Interactive Exercises
      • Flashcards With Sound : with sound: Chinese word of the Day
      • LanguageGuide.org: Roll your mouse over a picture and you will get the word in the spoken and written form (characters plus pinyin). Practice and expand your vocabulary with this great tool!
      • Mandarin Tools: tools to assist you in learning and using the Chinese language (Flashcards, Chinese downloads, and dictionary)
      • Learning Chinese Online: Many links for learning Chinese
      • Yellowbridge.com: Excellent site with audio dictionary, flash cards and a list of many other useful resources
      • Children's Palace: Solve mini challenges in the twelve areas of the palace, it is fun and interactive
      • Popup Chinese: stylish and modern Mandarin instruction through free daily podcasts with a vibrant community and love for the real China make this program the most powerful and personal way to learn Mandarin. (Subscribe through iTunes)
      • Tunein.com: Listen to live streaming radio from China, including a wide range of talk and music channels
      • BBC Languages Real Chinese: Features a variety of learning materials
      • Chinese Multimedia: software created by Oxford University. See their Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language for more online resources.
      • Pinyin Practice: Mandarin pronunciation exercises
      • Learn Chinese: Learning materials, including animated dialogues
      • Learn Chinese Everyday: Exercises for listening, writing characters and online writing tools
      • Chinese-Characters.org: On each page, you will see simplified and traditional versions along with images and text that help you understand not only the meaning of the character, but why it is written the way it is.
      • Chinese Reading Practice: This collection might help you keep your skills fresh, practice recognizing sentence structure, or pick up the occasional new vocabulary word. From beginner to advanced levels
      • Reading Chinese: Provides online e-learning reading lessons
      • The World of Chinese: Learning materials and a variety of current affairs and cultural insights stories with multimedia
      • Skritter.com: Offers practice in writing! Get instant feedback, including stroke order. It is free to sign up and to use. Study from 3000 simplified or traditional characters!
      • USC Chinese homepage: Great links for learning characters and their radicals plus Chinese online learning resources, culture, and headlines.
      • Chinese Characters: detailed illustrations of stroke order with audio
      • Chinese-Tools.com: Practice character writing to find out their meaning and pinyin
      • Chinese Characters and Culture: extensive reading material with cultural and language facts, plus an integrated dictionary
      • China Daily: (in English)
      • Sina Online: Large collection of Chinese news and links to online magazines and selected literature (in Chinese or English)
      • Zaobao: Singapore headlines magazine (in Chinese)
      • China.org.cn: Chinese news with various languages to choose from
      • GoodChinese Community: on Facebook
      • Chinese Forums: An online community of people with an interest in Chinese language and culture
      • Languages of China: all you want to know about the different Chinese languages, including dictionaries like the Chinese Character Dictionary with Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hakka (Kejia) readings, and meanings for Chinese characters. Definitions are given in English or Chinese.
      • Tigernt.com: English / Chinese Online Dictionary
      • Nciku.com : Online dictionary with examples of usage
      • POPjisyo: a free web based pop-up dictionary for Chinese, Japanese,Korean, and other languages. Read foreign language websites with pop-up hints accessed by moving the mouse over words you want to look up!
      • Chinese Wikipedia: Free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, with a range of articles about almost anything

** Links obtained from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. **