Texas Tech University

Links to Practice Foreign Languages

Current Languages Offered:

Classics (Greek/Latin)

  • Oxford Latin Course Workbook has exercises chapter-by-chapter.
  • Oxford Latin Course Drills provides several exercises chapter by chapter
  • Latin Language.org provides an introduction to many aspects of learning Latin: dictionaries, grammar, quotes, slang, history, literature, forum, etc.
  • Latin Activities fun interactive games and quizzes
  • Latin Links to dictionaries, texts and other language related activities
  • Latin Textkit - Downloadable free materials including grammars, readers and classical e-books
  • MultiKey 5.0 - Free Keyboard enhancement for Latin with diacritics, Ancient Greek, etc. Supports Unicode input in many Microsoft Windows programs.
  • Latin Language and Literature Resources - a handy collection of links for Latin translating dictionaries, study aids for Latin students, Latin literature, and Latin for travellers
  • UT Greek: offers several passages with extensive notes for practice reading as well as a helpful grammatical overview.
  • ucbclassics.dreamhosters.com: offers several tutorials including a pronunciation and accentuation guide, vocabulary, paradigms, etc. as well as noun, verb and vocabulary drills.
  • daedalus.umkc.edu: offers an overview of Greek grammar with practice exercises and readings.
  • Worldwide Greek: offers helpful study guides and passages with extensive notes for reading (be sure to check out the resources under the Downloads tab).
  • Intro to Greek: provides a basic introduction to ancient Greek with interactive tutorials.

** Links obtained from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and from TTU Professors**