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Links to Practice Foreign Languages

Current Languages Offered:


  • Ted.com: Video talks on many subjects/themes e.g. technology, design, entertainment, science. Usually with subtitles (often in multiple languages).

    Use for: listening, reading (with subtitles), vocabulary

  • Elllo: English Listening Lesson Library Online. Free English lessons to focus on listening. This site provides recorded lessons with different English accents. Each lesson has a transcript that can be read while listening as well as focus points on confusing terms that might be presented during the conversation you hear.

    Use for: listening, reading, vocabulary

  • Breaking News English : Full lessons on the English language that span a variety of levels. Access full lessons in seven different language levels. Use these lessons to build vocabulary, focus on listening, spelling, reading, and writing.

    Use for: listening, reading, vocabulary

  • Splendid Speaking : Quizzes, activities, strategies, guides, etc. for advanced English learners to develop speaking skills and communication strategies. Listen to other advanced English learners from assorted countries give talks on various topics.

    Use for: listening, vocabulary, speaking

  • VOA Special English: Voice of America news stories with slow audio and transcripts. Topics include World, USA, Business, Health, American Life, etc.

    Use for: listening, reading

  • CNN Student News : View international news broadcasts to practice listening. These broadcasts are designed to be easily understood.

    Use for: listening

  • The New York Times' Learning Network: Use the Knowledge Tools to help read and comprehend today's news  stories. Take a quiz to test your understanding!

    Use for: reading, reading comprehension, vocabulary building, listening

  • BBC - Learning English : Learn English through the British Broadcasting Company website. Play games, listen to newscasts, study slang and other vocabulary.

    Use for: listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, speaking

  • Marking Mate : Use this website to check your written work. This site offers suggestions on how to improve your writing.

    Use for: writing

  • VUW-Academic Writing : Use this site to build academic writing skills using these lessons and exercises. These lessons start from the sentence level and build on the knowledge gained.

    Use for: writing, grammar

  • Using English for Academic Purposes :This site provides guidance and tips for academic writing and listening.

    Use for: writing, listening, speaking

  • Vocabulary Exercises for the Academic Word List: gap-fill exercises for practicing high-frequency words in academic texts, developed by Gerry Luton of the University of Victoria in Canada. Visit the AWL Website also.
  • Academic Vocabulary : Explore this useful site to practice using the Academic Word List, in particular AWL Highlighter, AWL Gapmaker.
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing : Deals with grammar and writing at a number of structural levels, such as sentence, paragraph and essay levels. Developed by Professor of English and Humanities, Charles Darling.
  • The Internet Grammar of English : Online lessons for learning English grammar. Learn online or download to your smartphone for on-the-go access.

    Use for: grammar, writing

  • Writing Lab : The Purdue OWL writing lab is a great resource for academic writing that gives pointers and tips on how to succeed in your academic writing.

    Use for: academic writing

  •  IELTS.org : The official site of the IELTS exam. Everything you need to know about the exam is presented here along with some test preparation materials.

    Use for: reading, writing, speaking, listening, test prep

  • Online IELTS Broadlearn : Access several hours of free online practice materials, or purchase the full version for test preparation and practice tests
  • Oxford IELTS Online : Free practice materials, tips, etc.
  • Cambridge ESOL IELTS Preparation : This is a great resource for many exams, not just the IELTS. This provides preparation for Cambridge English Exams such as the CELTA, IELTS, BEC, etc. It also provides dictionaries and tips for grammar and vocabulary and pronunciation. Find resources for learning Business and Professional English.

    Use for: test prep, reading, writing, speaking, listening, Business English

  • Exam English : Free online practice exercises for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc. (Requires Flash)
  • IELTS-Simon : Free online exercises, information and advice from ex-IELTS examiner, Simon Corcoran
  • Dave's ESL Cafe : A resource for students and teachers of English. This site provides lessons and ideas on grammar, reading, writing, speaking, resources for finding ESL jobs abroad, and much more.

    Use for: reading, writing, speaking, listening, job searching

  • 1-Language.com ESL Center : Free on-line lessons including forums, real-time chat, jobs, links, worksheets, streaming audio materials, Flash TOEIC modules, helplines, and much more!
  • EnglishPage.com : Excellent lessons on grammar. Use quizzes and lessons to help perfect your English grammar.

    Use for: reading, writing, speaking, grammar

  • Adult Learning Activities : Use this website to practice listening and answering questions based on what you hear. This site also provides plenty of other activities geared toward the adult learner of English.

    Use for: reading, speaking, listening

  • Ship or Sheep : Practice your pronunciation with words that sound similar to each other. This website gives British pronunciation for each sound.

    Use for: speaking, pronunciation

  • General English Vocabulary : Strengthen and build your vocabulary with these exercises.

    Use for: vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling

  • English Vocabulary Games : Use these games to brush up on vocabulary from beginner to advanced levels.

    Use for: vocabulary, spelling

  • Activities for ESL Students : Plenty of activities to test grammar and vocabulary. Choose English only or form a variety of different languages.

    Use for: grammar, vocabulary, spelling

  • Online ESL Help Resource Center : This site offers many links to other resources for ESL. Practice speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, and writing with these resources.

    Use for: speaking, reading, writing, spelling, listening, pronunciation

  • BBC World News : This world news site offers news from around the world in 27 different languages. Listen and read in English or browse their indexed news programs from around the world.

    Use for: listening, vocabulary building, reading

  • Voice Of America : American news with links for videos and written articles. Listen to the broadcasts to become more familiar with the American vocabulary and manner of broadcast speech.

    Use for: listening, vocabulary building, reading

  • CNN : Watch or read international news detailing the happenings of the world. Work on listening skills by watching the videos presented.

    Use for: listening, reading, vocabulary building

  • Euronews : Watch international news clips and read along with the provided transcript.

    Use for: listening, reading, vocabulary building

  • The Telegraph : This site provides news from the U.K. to read and watch. Listen and read British English.

    Use for: listening, reading, British English

  • Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary : Use this dictionary for both British and American pronunciations. This also contains and Business English dictionary and Spanish dictionary. This can help clarify American vs. British English.

    Use for: speaking, reading, writing, spelling, pronunciation

  • Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary : This dictionary also provides British and American pronunciations for words.

    Use for: speaking, reading, writing, spelling, pronunciation

  • English Wikipedia : free encyclopedias that anyone can edit, also Simple English Wikipedia
  • Te Ara : Practice reading and learning new words while learning about New Zealand's history! Read short forms of stories then read the full article.

    Use for: reading, vocabulary

  • Merriam Webster Online Dictionary : This dictionary provides games and quizzes and other useful interactive tools to broaden your vocabulary. Play one of the vocabulary quizzes or scroll through vocabulary trivia. This is also an excellent source for understanding collocations of the English language.

    Use for: vocabulary, grammar, spelling, pronunciation

  • Anglo-Link : Learn English online with free videos and exercises. Learn listening skills, speaking, grammar, pronunciation, and more from Anglo-Link. There is even an option to sign up for private lessons, at a cost.

    Use for: listening, speaking, grammar, pronunciation

  • Learn American English Online : Use this website for different levels of grammar instruction. There is also a slang dictionary with commonly found American English slang words and how to use them. Listen to dictation to check your hearing and listening.

    Use for: grammar, reading, speaking, listening

  • English Banana : This website contains many free books and lessons and worksheets for learning English because their material is in the public domain. Use these lessons and games and books to help boost your English ability. Listen to their free podcasts to develop listening skills.

    Use for: grammar, spelling, reading, speaking, vocabulary, listening

  • ESL Lounge for Students : Study grammar, vocabulary, listening, and test prep for all levels of English. This site provides lessons for beginners all the way to advanced learners. Follow the links to play games, study lessons, or even look for downloadable ESL apps for your mobile devices.

    Use for: grammar, spelling, reading, listening

  • Games to Learn English : Play various games to help boost your English skills. This site provides a fun and interactive way to practice sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar.

    Use for: grammar, vocabulary

  • ESL Club : Learn grammar, play games, practice listening. This site provides instruction and games for everything from grammar to jokes in English.

    Use for: grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking

Applied Linguistics

  • WordNet : WordNet® is an online lexical reference system whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory. English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organised into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept. Different relations link the synonym sets.
  • British National Corpus-Related Research- Click through to Corpora for a 100 million word collection of samples of written and spoken language from a wide range of sources
  • Linguistic Data Consortium - The Linguistic Data Consortium supports language-related education, research and technology development by creating and sharing linguistic resources: data, tools and standards.
  • Distributed Morphology - Frequently Asked Questions

** Links obtained from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand **