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Links to Practice Foreign Languages

Current Languages Offered:


      • Bonjour de France : Index covers grammar, vocabulary, listening exercises, and more!
      • LanguageGuide.org : For French beginners and more advanced students! Access content from the tabs for Readings (read/listen to a text), Grammar (explanations/examples), and Pictorial Vocabulary Guide (build your vocabulary by rolling your mouse over pictures to hear and see the word simultaneously). Have fun!
      • About French : Plenty of information, updated regularly with various exercises for beginner to advanced level.
      • Tex's French Grammar : Comprehensive French grammar online (in English)
      • Exercices sur Paris: This site contains over 40 interactive exercises (clips with questions, explore/search sites, reading exercices, photo-quests, etc ... for intermediate to advanced level.
      • French Verb Conjugation : Activity
      • Vocabulary Activities : by Book
      • Free Online French Lessons : Curated by Open Culture. A great list of free online French lessons, including lessons taught by international Universities. Lots of video lessons and interactive activities
      • TuneIn.com : Listen to live streaming radio from France, including a wide range of talk and music stations.
      • French Bor Beginners : Excellent interactive exercises focusing on listening, dictations, grammar, etc. Made at the University of Regina in Canada by Deanne Cobb. Intermediate French Exercises (grammar) are also presented.
      • Le Français Interactif : University of Austin, very rich multimedia for beginners. Includes grammar, vocabulary, videos, and the Internet in French.
      • BBC Languages French : website is fantastic! It includes online courses, quizzes, music, and cultural information for beginner and intermediate learners! Check out their online video course Ma France. (RealPlayer and Flash required for audio and video)
      • French Sound Recognition : Practice your French sound recognition.
      • French through Song : Enjoy French through Songs and Singing with streamed MP3s, annotated song lyrics, links and articles.
      • Apprendre français: le français avec TV5monde: Excellent websites to explore for language exercises at different levels with a news focus.
      • RFI Langue Français : Excellent websites to explore for language exercises at different levels with a news focus.
      • Lire.fr : 8,000 books reviewed on this website!
      • French Literary Works on Audio: On this website you will find an extensive list of French and Quebecois literature with sound.
      • News in Slow French : "With this tool you do not actually need to have an extensive vocabulary to start listening and reading our material. Your vocabulary will expand rapidly and naturally."
      • Ça m'intéresse: Website for the French magazine the LLC receives every month. Search the archives on this site for a topic then go into our Self Access Centre to find the correct issue and read the complete articles.
      • Radio France Internationale: Radio of the French Speaking World. Also see RFI Langue français for news/language listening and exercises.
      • Watch the Journal Télévisé : and other selected shows. and you can watch a lot of interesting programmes online through the TV5 website. Look for videocamera symbol to access up-to-date news (info), cultural programmes, music, and more! (Requires Windows Media Player). Plus, check out Apprendre français for great language exercises with a news focus.
      • Paris.fr TV : Enjoy a virtual trip around Paris, watching video clips produced by the office of the mayor of Paris! A large selection of videos can be accessed from the tabs for news, culture, and travel, etc.
      • Euronews en français : Play clips of the latest international news in French, also with the French transcript below!
      • Institut National de l'Audiovisuel: (INA) is the first audiovisual archive center in the world. View French radio and television archives on various themes and personalities (you can access a lot of material for free, but payment is required for more complete access). (Requires Quicktime)
      • Le dictionnaire multifonctions : Useful free online dictionary from TV5Monde. Allows a download that integrates the dictionnaire into your web browser.
      • French Dictionaries: Access a range of free online dictionaries.
      • OrthoNet : Another excellent tool for higher level French students. Allez voir si vous êtes curieux!
      • French Wikipedia: A free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, with a range of articles about almost anything.
      • Yahoo! France : Search in French, play games in French, and even send French greeting cards!
      • Google.fr : Just like 'google.com' but now you can search the Internet in French!
      • Voila.fr : Find out what is happening in France: TV, music, tourism, and more!

** Links obtained from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand **