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Links to Practice Foreign Languages

Current Languages Offered:


  • Nuovo Progetto italiano - access online materials/downloads from the 'Area Studenti' tab, Nuovo Progetto italiano, Nuovo Progetto italiano 1, 2, or 3. New course materials for ITAL114/115 (1), 215/216 (2), and 315/316 (3).
  • Matdid Italian exercises, articles, videos and activities which can be searched by level or by topic. Excellent for learning about Italian culture!
  • Italian Culture on the Net is a comprehensive site complied by a consortium of Italian universities. There are links to an encyclopedia, digital resources, etc.
  • Italian 100 web exercises - Interactive grammar, vocab, and translation exercises for beginners from Victoria University in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Centro Studi Italiani Electronic Classroom - for grammar and vocabulary
  • Language guide.org - Pick a topic from the list, and then simultaneously hear the vocabulary when you roll the mouse over the pictures. A fun way to build your vocabulary, or revise!
  • Italian Verb Conjugation Activities and Vocabulary Activities by book
  • Tunein.com Listen to live streaming radio from Italy, including a wide range of talk and music stations.
  • Incontro italiano audio magazine - All about Italy in Italian! Online magazine with transcripts, exercises, and free audio downloads.
  • The BBC Languages Italian website is fantastic! It includes online courses for beginners and Talk Italian, quizzes, grammar, cultural information, and heaps more! Plus links for intermediate learners too. (RealPlayer and Flash required for audio and video)
  • Geste - Gestures - Have fun seeing and hearing lots of commonly used gestures used by Italians! Requires Real Player.
  • Princeton Dante Project - comprehensive site for Dante's works with Italian and English audio, images, lectures, etc.
  • Corriere Italy's most prominent newspaper.
  • Euronews in italiano - Play clips of the latest international news in Italian, also with the Italian transcript below!
  • GBYRC lists many Italian radio stations available to listen to online.
  • La Repubblica online newspaper
  • L'Espresso online magazine
  • Garzanti's online dictionary, Garzanti Linguistica, is ideal to use with Word for your assignments. It is free, but you need to register with your email address and a password.
  • English Italian Online Dictionary - 3,700 terms
  • Italian Wikipedia - A free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, with a range of articles about almost anything
  • Virgilio - A brilliant Italian search engine with many features including: best of the Italian web, site of the day, search by keyword, etc. Highly recommended!
  • ShinyStat - One of the best search engines in Italian. Search by keyword and categories
  • Yahoo! Italia

** Links obtained from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand **