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Links to Practice Foreign Languages

Current Languages Offered:


  • JAPN 2301 and JAPN 4300 audio on Soundcloud; to listen to other tracks please visit the Language Lab.
  • Genki online (Check out the Self-Study Room too!)
  • Japanese Language Learning Tools on the Web
  • Charles Kelly's Online Japanese Language Study Materials - collection of online materials and quizzes to help study Japanese kana and kanji. Also with vocabulary lists, Nagoya-ben, Japanese signs, etc...
  • Language Express Kana Game - practise your hiragana with this free online game, listen and type in Japanese
  • Language guide.org - Roll your mouse over a picture and you will get the word in Kanji and Hiragana plus the sound file! A great way to revise your vocabulary and expand upon it as well!
  • Kidsweb is a good place to start for beginners, includes cultural links
  • Gram - Japanese Grammar, helpful in preparing for the JLPT
  • The Japanese Page
  • Tae Kim’s guide to Learning Japanese
  • Japanese Cheat Sheet - condensed, handy, Japanese language reference
  • Tofugu - excellent site with links and lists of resources for learning Japanese
  • Anki - free application using a spaced repetition system to help you to learn Japanese more effectively than regular flashcards
  • Quizlet - learn Genki vocab, etc. through flashcards, also with audio
  • Tunein.com Listen to live streaming radio from Japan, including a wide range of talk and music channels.
  • NHK Japanese lessons - The Basic Japanese for You program in English is updated every Wednesday. The Brush Up Your Japanese program in English is updated every Friday.
  • Japanese Pod101 - free sign up to access audio podcasts
  • Learning Japanese language with manga
  • Visualising Japanese Grammar - presents basic Grammar through videos, with good examples
  • Reading Tutor
  • The Kanji site-f - Learn and practise your kanji, and review your kana as well
  • The Japan Times
  • Hir@gana Times- digital archives of current affairs articles
  • Asahi Shimbun [English version available]. Click on 文字拡大・音声 in the top right hand corner of the Asahi home page to download WebUD for free - WebUDwill read the text of the Asahi website aloud for you and give furigana for kanji. It will also work with other compatible Japanese websites.
  • Mainichi Shimbun Daily News
  • YOL Yomiuri Online [English Version]
  • Radio Japan Online - Listen to the news in Japanese
  • NHK - Catch up with the latest NHK broadcasts 
  • Larry Stockton's Japan Links - This highly informative website has a wide range of links concerning Japan
  • Genki online - website for course material (Check out the Self-Study Room!)
  • Japan National Tourist Information
  • Tokyo Food Page - Complete guide to Japanese cuisine with recipes, culinary travel tips, restaurant listings, and more. In English and Japanese.
  • Background to Noh and Kyogen - Noh is a classical Japanese performance form which combines elements of dance, drama, music, and poetry into one highly aesthetic stage art. Kyogen is the classical comic theatre which balances the more serious Noh.
  • Online English / Japanese Dictionary
  • Denshi Jisho - similar dictionary to Jim Breen’s but easier to use
  • Tagaini Jisho - free downloadable online dictionary with kanji lookup-tool
  • Rikai is a Japanese-English web page translator. It also contains Kanji flashcards to help you practise radicals and their combinations. Recommended by VUW Japanese teachers.
  • POPjisyio - POPjisyo is a free web based pop-up dictionary for Japanese,Chinese, Korean, and other languages. Read foreign language web sites with pop-up hints by moving the mouse over words you want to look up!
  • Japanese Wikipedia - a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, with a range of articles about almost anything
  • Rikaichan - a browser extension that translates Japanese text as you mouse over it with one of four languages – English, German, French and Russian. Has word definitions, and information for kanji e.g. stroke number, radical...
  • Web Japan Links - Find all current Japan related topics through this navigator
  • Japan Information Network is a directory of links in English or Japanese about Japanese culture. Recommended for all levels.
  • Japan-101.com - Over 2000 pictures & 200 articles all about Japan! Photos, facts, opinions, maps, flags, and more! Free "Ask About Japan" service and community message board. Searchable articles and images.

** Links obtained from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand **


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