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Links to Practice Foreign Languages

Current Languages Offered:


    From: Irina Drigalenko, MA
  • Brown.edu: A very good website to work on writing in cursive
  • Text-to-Speech: All you need to do is to write a sound, word, or sentence in Russian that you would like to practice and click say it! This is a very good resource for additional input and sound discrimination.
  • UCLA.edu: Beginner's Russian website
  • iTunes: Russian fairytales
  • More iTunes: Russian most popular children poems
  • Brown.edu: Interview with the Russian sniper. Ms.Kalugina talks about the squads of female snipers and what they did during the war.
  • Free educational Russian-language podcasts, which are published regularly at : The podcasts are aimed at Russian learners at an intermediate or advanced level of fluency who wish to improve their listening comprehension skills in a fun and interesting way. The podcasts cover such themes as eating, transportation, news, shopping, health, and holidays and can be downloaded free of charge; in addition, each podcast is completely transcribed as text and this text can also be downloaded free of charge as a PDF file.
  • Radio Broadcasts: Recent radio broadcasts from Moscow.Говорим по-русски. Радиоальманах «ЭХО Москвы»
  • Speak Russian: It is time to speak Russian! Время говорить по-русски!

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